Salsa London - Club Review

By Laura Jean Buckley.

Standing before the entrance of Salsa, Charring Cross, the lively and vibrant ambience leaks through the front doors like a sweet spritz of perfume. The palpable excitement for this carnival-spirited club is clear for all to see from the excited squeals of those in the queue, tapping their stilettoes together to the rhythmic Latino tunes coming from the live band below.

The Venue

The club is strikingly vibrant from floor to ceiling, consisting mostly of yellows and beach-hut wood, reminding visitors nostalgically of their holidays. The images of Salsa dancers and all things Latino hang from the walls. From the entrance it looks deceptively smaller, but as a short walk down the stairs proves, the club opens up into a huge warehouse-sized basement, brimming with convivial crowds sipping sangria and throwing their best ‘Enchufe doble’.

salsa review london 1

The seating are is comfy and laid back, perfect for an evening of cocktails and fun.

The Ambience and Clientele

As the Latino spirit intoxicates you (as well as that 3rd shot of tequila) you won’t be able to resist hitting the dance floor, as here, no one cares how you dance, as long as you do. You might find yourself dancing with a stranger, no, you will, but there’s no need for alarm. This is the norm here, and after all, everyone comes here to get their Salsa on, so we grabbed a partner and did just that.

This is a club that’s enjoyed and open to all ages - well adults obviously, but that doesn’t mean you have to act like one. With a variety of both Salsa experts and those that have no experience at all, you can expect a wonderfully eclectic mix of people, all just looking for the same thing as you, a great night out in London.

salsa review london 2

The party vibe gets into full swing at Salsa, making it a top London club.

The Drinks

So after yet another boogie on the dance floor and you will be in search of something refreshing to sip upon, the citric/minty mix of the Mojito is awaiting you, they come perfectly made – it’ll be one of the best ones you’ve ever had, but with Cuba as its birthplace I suppose that’s hardly surprising.

Everything’s reasonably priced for the West End, and there’s some great deals on drinks. Ideal for large parties, with a real holiday-like feel, you can order yourselves a few fishbowls to share, or maybe even one of their good-value ‘drinks packages’, but be warned, you might not be able to drink it all!

salsa review london 3

Kick back and let the music move you at one of London's best Salsa bars.


So for those looking to really let their hair down, dance until the early hours and can appreciate a good happy hour then Salsa is definitely the party place for you. Grab your glad rags and head for the door, there’s an entire dance floor waiting for you!