Renowned as (arguably) London's plushest party palace where flamingos roam wild during the summer months and revelers can gallivant through the glorious outdoor lands, The Roof Gardens held back the beaded veil and let us in for a peek at some clubbing excess and high class debauchery. 

The Venue

It goes without saying, The Roof Gardens have built a reputation on offering London's primed and primped crowd a slice of spectacular scenery and clubbing luxe. Take the lift up to the top floor where the doors will open into a sumptuous lounge of low lighting and lush seating areas. The club is a space of contemporary chic, lit with a blue and purple haze that kind of owes to a futuristic edge. A far cry from a superclub spec, The Roof Gardens takes on more of a sleek bar physique where the music pumps out loud and a dancefloor sits neatly in the middle.  We were lead across the room and seated in the lavish VIP area where you'll find obscene 3 litre Vodka bottles being paraded around and Champagne on ice in abundance (definitely the realm of the big spender or cheeky chappy looking to spend a few bob).  

Outside, however, is something different entirely. Venture into the open air and discover a wonderland of paradise plants, fairy lit Roman-esque walkways and twinkling trees. You might also find yourself following the meaty scents of a BBQ? Yes, a mighty enticing cue awaits the outside wanderer. But of course, any rooftop garden spectacular wouldn't be complete without utter extravagance, food available until 2am and the chance to loose yourself in a luxurious landscape of exotic gardens now would it?

The Roof Gardens

An opulent space of decadence and debauchery.

The Drinks

Welcome to the world of overindulgent tipples. If there's ever a place for only one night that you want to feel somewhat like a high flyer, then hit the bar at The Roof Gardens Club. Your bank account may be depleted the next day and you may feel horribly hungover, but in the name of some dazzling drinks and some industrial size bottles of booze, what's the harm in a little frivolous frolicking? 

Benefiting from some cheeky VIP treatment, our experience was perhaps slightly different to your average Roof Gardens party popper, but nevertheless the Ketel One Vodka was on ice and the mixers were topped up efficiently so our glasses never went dry. With a menu covering everything from sharing punch bowls to magnum Champagne bottles or 3 litre reinforced glass Belvedere bottles, The Roof Gardens is definitely the place to splash some cash. 

The Roof Gardens Club

Tipples, cocktails or buy by the bottle - go big or go home.

The Atmosphere & Clientele

Heading down on a Friday night we certainly got to see the club in it's weekend element with everything from dapper chaps to London socialites and hen party crews spilling through the doors, all dressed to impress. The playlist is a strict mix of chart hits and anthems taking you back to those hazy summer days. Some shoulder shimmying definitely made an appearance. 

Admittedly, the crowd you'll usually find cavorting at The Roof Gardens is slightly older, more affluent and less about the "Lads lads laaaaads" antics than your traditional weekender (a certain amount of decorum is necessary). But, that being said, none of that stuff really matters once you've got a drink in hand and your mates in tow. Besides, there's always an escape to the outside nirvana within reach. 

The Roof Gardens Club

We three living the dream in VIP ... you know. 

The Summary

The Roof Gardens has an undeniable buzzing ambiance and mystique about it. The charm and wonderment of the gardens alongside the bopping beats of the club room make for one stunning evening of drinking, dancing and general gallivanting. As long as you're willing to drop some cash at the door or the bar, this is one Kensington hot spot that won't disappoint.