New bar spy - Wringer & Mangle

Hoxton Pony founder transforms former industrial laundry site in London Fields

Wringer & Mangle

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What they say:

The term for a mechanical laundry aid denotes the brand new restaurant and bar concept, Wringer & Mangle. Brought to us by Hoxton Pony founder Gerry Calabrese, the venue relishes in classic concoctions and contemporary interiors, with drinkers able to kick back and unwind in a handsome all-weather terrace. The drinks come tailored with unique and updated finishes, while the food is cooked up by chef Oison Coyle, of former Terroirs and Skylo kitchen infamy.

What we say:

No longer dealing in dirty clothes, the industrial space opposite London Fields Brewery promises to combine concrete finishes with art-deco leanings where art exhibitions, photography and a copper tubing sculpture make up the interiors of a brand new restaurant-bar establishment. If Gerry Calabrese promises anything, it's a penchant for creative cocktails, stylish character and a place where food and drink combine in a relaxed, neighbourhood setting. Wringer & Mangle is a tipple of East End cool as we know it.