New bar spy - PINCH

Is this Hackney's smallest wine bar? Wine don't we find out...


Last updated . By Katie Houghton.


07 Dec

What they say:

Once a deli, now a teeny tiny taste station for some of Spain, France and Italy's finest wines, Pinch is throwing corked caution to the wind as they announce themselves to be one of the smallest wine bars in Hackney. Set to be a sparkling interaction with some of Europe's most fruitful wine regions, Pinch will not only nab the senses with their body-strong selection of bottles, there's side dishes the likes of pickled peppers with pecorino, potted salmon with horseradish and oxtail on toast up for the picking too.

What we say:

Nuzzling East London with their European, easy-drinking eclecticism could be a high marker for Pinch, let alone their suitably small-sized status. As a newly found slinger of all things red, with a plethora of friends ever hankering for a destination that gives wine drinkers the freedom to indulge, and buy bottles to take home, Pinch could be on to a little bijou charm. Let's just hope that they're not too small, otherwise you may just get to pinching other punters to get by.