Lonzo Lardo’s Bakery-Bar Lonzo set to land in London Fields.
5 Helmsley Place, London, E8 3SB
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What they say:

Running up to its 3rd birthday, Lardo’s super popular pizzeria will soon have a brother bakery set up under the name Lonzo in an industrial-style warehouse in London Fields. With the view to sell their fresh food products, as well as offer charcuterie and doughie meal-making classes, Lonzo is an original and innovative idea for Londoners zealous for a true taste of Italy. Passionate about vino too? Lonzo also promises some tasty tipples from its range of unique favourites all sourced from makers around Europe.

What we say:

Lardo’s newfound prep kitchen and Italiano fresh food retail outlet complete with top-notch baker, Lonzo will be the ideal place for you to purchase your weekly baked goods, as well as drop in for a snack sampling, from its appealing antipasti and warm bread to charcuterie boards and ice cream. A cool creative combo that blends bakery and wine bar, Lonzo is home to some of Europe’s quality wines, so as you munch down, delight in a bottle or two of wine specifically handpicked by the Lardo team.