Champions of hard liquor and ticking pretty much every box of cool, East London Liquor Company is a devious addition to the Hackney boozing scene. When the hard rain's a-falling and you need an alcoholic pick-me-up to get you back on track, East London Liquor Store is the ultimate suitor: sharp, refined and hella debauched, this one is just the ticket. 

The Venue:

Occupying a space within the stylish Bow Wharf complex, this devious drinkery is sufficiently easy on the eye. The interior showcases a raw and industrial feel, juxtaposing stressed wooden paneling with exposed brickwork and sleek metal furnishings. The bar area is dominated by a pair of mighty copper vats, standing proudly behind rows of spirit and sweet garnishes. 

East London Liquor Company Review

Juxtaposing raw and industrial innards with warmth of atmosphere, this is a charming drinking spot.

The Atmosphere & Clientele:

The arduous weather conditions would not dampen our spirits as we entered this marvel of a drinking den - literally and figuratively, East London Liquor Company provided shelter from the storm. Despite it's raw and industrial innards, the space managed to retain a warm and welcoming atmosphere, supported largely by the attentive staff and the patter of raindrops on the tall, rickety windows. On a brighter day, natural light beams into the space, occupying the vast expanse and ensuring this charming spot delivers in any weather. 

As is typical of most bars in Hackney, the crowd fit neatly within the twenty one to thirty five age bracket; unsurprisingly, our peers showcased an impressive selection of beards and refashioned wares, as well as the obligatory dose of reckless abandon. The vibe picked up around 8pm, and we enjoyed the gentle chatter of the after work crowd as they enjoyed one wildly delicious beverage after another. 

East London Liquor Company Review

The gentle patter of raindrops against the windows made us feel warm and safe in this charming distillery. 

The Drinks:

The looming brass structures stood high and mighty behind the bar offered some clues as to the quality of the tipples we were about to encounter. We began our boozy adventure with a Ginger Tommy's: a sweet variation on the traditional Dark & Stormy, this one replaced dark rum with Mezcal to leave a zingy after taste and a palate whetting impression. We followed this with a Yellow No. 3, a delicate mix of gin, juniper syrup, Chartreuse and vitamin C water, whose flavour knocked the senses into gear, and made for a delightful drinking experience. 

No trip to East London Liquor Company would be complete without a taste of their home crafted gin, this time as the base spirit in a classic Gin & Tonic. Garnished with a curl of lemon peel, and perfectly showcasing this premium infusion of coriander, angelica root, juniper berries, cubeb berries and cardamom, this was quite the cocktail. 

East London Liquor Company Review

East London Liquor Company serve an impressive selection of tipples, alongside their own homemade blends.


About as good looking as they come, East London Liquor Company is more than just a pretty face. Expect a roster of premium spirits and a storm of home distilled madness - East London Liquor Company offers a treat for the senses and an exhilarating journey into the sweet tasting treats of Hackney's most talked about distillery.