A tropical infused funk-fest in the backstreets of Haggerston, Passing Clouds is one of the most unique spaces in London. Polychromatic, slightly surreal and vibrant, it's a psychedelic paradise for those bored with reality.

The Venue

Before even setting foot inside, you're presented with a rather large mural depicting aliens, people with third eyes and other space oddities which give you a good idea of what is to come. Set over two floors, the first is more of dance floor where various DJs and live acts perform groovy sets while upstairs is more of a chill-out room, in which more intimate performances are held. With mismatched furniture and quirky decorations covering the room, Passing Clouds has a distinct layout that makes up for the lack of actual space.

Passing Clouds has an uncompromising decor that is definitely hard to match.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

The age group on the night were fairly young, ranging from students to young professionals, and if the skinny jeans and Aztec print shirts said anything, it's definitely popular amongst those 'in-the-know'. I got there at about 9.30pm and whilst downstairs was fairly quiet, upstairs was booming and as I predicted, it was more of a waiting room, before the live bands began their riotous acts on the bottom floor. A casual and laid-back affair, the place had a certain openness to it and with a number of people splashing on tribal face paint, there were definitely no pretensions regarding attire.

Fun, lively and energetic, the crowd definitely makes this East London party spot. 

The Music

The music policy is very varied and regularly changes during the course of the evening. The night I visited there were an array of performers/DJs ranging from traditional African music upstairs, to DJs playing Soul and Funk downstairs, which were later overtaken by a vivacious Afrobeat band that managed to attract a large vibrant crowd.

Regular live performances add to the venue's charm.


Quirky, psychedelic, tribal, all fitting terms to describe Passing Clouds. However what it really boils down to is the fact that they provide an incredibly entertaining evening, whilst managing to retain a distinctive character that really sets the venue apart from the crowd. An amusing night all round, it's definitely worth a visit if you're looking to party in East London.