New bar spy - Ray's Bar

Ray's Bars serves up a 3 course liquid dinner in new Dalston digs

Ray's Bar

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What they say:

Pizza connoisseurs Voodoo Ray's bring Dalston a new cocktail bar, serving stunning and creative concoctions, all arranged in the most alluring manner. The new spot, called Ray's Bar, sits patiently underneath Voodoo Ray's Dalston site, and spreads its stunning range of cocktails in the form of a 3 course dinner. Starting off with a few light tipples for starters, before moving onto a hearty main and signing off with a sweet dessert drink, their all-engulfing cocktail list is certain to make a lasting impression on you. 

What we say:

Liquid dinners are so often the downfall of many-a-brave, young reveller, but Ray's Bar is different. Offering insurance in the form of their delicious pizza menu, all created upstairs by the seasoned chefs at Voodoo Ray's, the cocktails are created using hand-crafted spirits and purposely created bitters. Though the entire 'meal' will probably take a while to finish, you won't hear any complaints from us, especially after we've gulped down a few Lagavulin whiskey-based Tunnel Dancers or some sugary Sensational Sherries.