Nestled nicely between Stoke Newington Road and Kingsland High Street is where you'll find Dalston Social, a rather small but intimate affair tucked amongst a sea of odd shops and businesses. Living just opposite, it seemed like a good idea to give my local a proper appraisal.

The Venue 

Upon arrival, you're greeted with a stunning graffiti-clad exterior that not only demarcates it from the surrounding businesses, but also lets you know where it is, unlike so many bars in the area with overly nondescript locations. The interior is a like stretched corridor more than anything, with an impressive bar area, a multitude of seats, a small stage for performers and a pool table at the back. It isn't the most spacious of places, but as a result gives a real sense of intimacy to the bar.

An alluring exterior, especially compared to most places in the area.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

Sitting in the heart of Dalston, you'd be right to expect a clientele of the more the 'trendy' disposition, which is definitely the case. Dalston Social is fairly quiet and chilled during the week, then it picks up a gear on weekends, attracting a more diverse clientele. What draws in the crowds however, are the incredible deals on offer. Order a drink and a shot for £6 and you get a whole free pizza; and yes, it is just as good as it sounds. With Dalston Social it's safe to expect a relaxed and inviting setting, ideal for post-work drinks or as a great place to start your evening. 

A 'cool kid' meeting point, the crowds are usually quite varied.  

The Music

Every time I've visited Dalston Social, the music has been different; from hip hop to soul to house, there's an exciting unpredictability to the playlist which is undoubtedly a good thing. They also have live DJs on certain nights and even jam sessions, which have proved to be a real hit amongst guests. An eclectic music policy is never a bad thing, it's just amusing when it's played alongside muted Katy Perry videos on the TV screens.

An eclectic music policy reinforced by great live music.  


I've had some pretty terrible locals in my time, but Dalston Social definitely bucks the trend. For a such a small venue, it does well in a highly competitive area that's filled with various bars, pubs and clubs. A great little spot that has a real charm to it, Dalston Social is one that's hard to pinpoint, but manages to keeps on making me go again and again.