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Added on . By Katie Kirwan.

Nestled between a selection of boutique babes lies a wholly unassuming but down right delicious restaurant bar, where the cocktails are unconventional and the interiors are excellently etched. Check out the dreamy dishes that ensued on my visit down to Pacata

The Venue

Split between two floors; with a lower level nook and first floor dining area, Pacata doesn't gather on the grandiose, but it sure as heck harbours trinkets. From mis-matched furniture being off-set with jam jars, vintage knick knacks and glistening glass, to a broody basement where Aztec textiles and exposed brickwork reign supreme, Pacata is bustling with truly unique innards and dapper design. If you don't want to gather it up in a sack, throw it over your shoulder and take it home, then you're probably doing the right thing, that's called theft. But I sure wanted to.

pacata food review london

Darling with a dash of exoticism, Pacata is trinket central.

The Clientele and Atmosphere

Given its location nestled down New Row, I was actually impressed by the bustle. From crooning couples and young professionals to date nights, Pacata is more about atmosphere than it is Asian attitude. With broody low lighting and candle-lit tables, Pacata was a spot where less hollering and more hand-holding can be found.

pacata review london

A top notch destination for dinner and date nights alike, Pacata comes up romantic trumps.

The Food and Drinks

'Asian adventure' is something of an understatement when it comes to dinner at Pacata. Starting with 'Popcorn Chicken' and ending with Pacata's very own squid ink pasta take on a Pad Thai, this Covent Garden restaurant bar is a statement blend of city favourites and far flung flavours. From the subtle twang of my credibly crisp chicken to the plush prawns on my 'Pacata Pasta', these dishes were fun and filling. And not too shabby for just under £15 a main course.

Dan, you the man. If this section is something of a love letter to the magician behind our cocktails that night, then call me a liquid hussy. From their cocktail of the week, 'The Harvest', to their deliciously refreshing 'Anahata Rama' with it's lush lemonade twang, Pacata clearly pride themselves on an intimate but bespoke selection. I'd also recommend doing just that, asking for recommendations, no one knew their way through a selection of palate pleasers like Dan. I said you were the man, right?

pacata london review covent garden

Intoxicating libations from liquid lads that really know their stuff.


I really loved my evening at Pacata, and no, that's not even the cocktails talking. With its sprightly interiors and its divine date night orientation, Pacata is sure to be a Covent Garden hit for those after unique chow and cracking concoctions to boot on a night out in the heart of the city.