Powder Keg Diplomacy Stunning Clapham Restaurant and Bar
147 St John's Hill, London, SW11 1TQ

What they say:

In September Powder Keg Diplomacy had its grand opening! This new Clapham bar will has been launched by the same manager who used to run Lost Society and The Blind Tiger. It is located in the bustling nightlife of Clapham and is designed to combine bar, restaurantand café- all in one! Feeling hungry? Then you can enjoy a wide range of dishes from fillet steaks to vegetarian salmagundis and appetizing desserts. The cocktail and beer list is a delight with the Somerset Rose a highlight as well as a Captain Drake for the rum lovers. Here you may also taste some of the finest tea around: So to relax yourself after a stressful day, why not come in and enjoy something interesting from their special Powder Keg Diplomacy€™s tea menu.  At Powder Keg Diplomacy you can expect excellent food and drinks along with, as they say- top notch service! All to secure you a great night out!


What we say: