Three Six Six Battersea 366 Spread Their Cocktail Mischief To Clapham
126 St John's Hill, London, SW11 1SL

What they say:

Bar 366's second project after their hugely successful residence in Earlsfield, they've now come to Clapham. These cocktail masterminds offer a truly grand selection of classics, experimental cocktails and drinks you thought would never imagine working, but they do! Claiming to have over 300 spirits, many their competitors haven't even heard of, and a selection of bizarre yet inspired ingredients from avocado oil, popcorn and Marmite, you're sure to taste one of the most original drinks out there at Bar 366. To add to the madness, they are all served in tea pots, cups and saucers and plant pots. 

What we say:

If you've ever wanted a cocktail made with Marmite, then Bar 336 is the place for you. Their original and eccentric cocktails are what made them famous in the first place, and with their latest opening, it's a philosophy they're clearly striving to maintain. It's a great mentality that has helped their rising popularity throughout the years and with their already sterling reputation, it's an inevitability that their latest offering will skyrocket them up the best of lists. It's the good kind of experimenting that will inundate your taste buds but as they would say, you 'don't come to your senses, your senses come to Bar 366'.