The Bootlegger No baloney, there's a new speakeasy bar in the City of London
25-26 Lime Street, London, EC3M 7HR

What they say:

In a scrimmage with the prohibition, The Bootlegger is a brand new speakeasy bar in Monument ready to talk tales and dabble in illicit drinks in a truly vintage fashion. A cocktail cavern for dames, dappers and flappers, The Bootlegger is not only serving London a dose of clam worthy cocktails, there's live jazz bands and dated interiors to boot. 

What we say:

While you may think smuggling a bottle of beer into your local boozer has often landed you on hard times, none had it harder to tuck into hedonism than those during the prohibition. Harking back to the 1920s, and the days where tucking a bottle between books was considered normal, The Bootlegger looks to be a great haunt for those looking to re-live the days of dolls and dappers. With live music to boot, those with drinking tendencies towards Nightjar and Ruby's could find a happy middle ground in Monument.