Did we find some of Monument's quirkiest cocktails? Here's what went down at London Cocktail Club

Published . By Jess Halladay.

Where do I start with London Cocktail Club? These guys just know how to have a good time. The atmosphere is always upbeat and infectious, no matter which one of the bars you end up at. Monument was one location I had yet to cross off my list and if I can remember correctly, I have now done that!

Dapper interiors are inspired by old-school Savile Row tailors.

This City venue is just around the corner from Monument station and tucked away underground; a place for the after work fun to be had, without full view of the office. We all need to let off some steam now and again and LCC is the venue crying out to give you the space and hard liquor you’ve been craving since you woke up at 6am. Its dark interiors and artificial light create the ultimate speakeasy vibe without the pretentiousness of the more ‘upmarket’ cocktail bars that London offers.

There's a distinctly easy going vibe; both visibly in interior design and from the laid back attitude of the too-cool-for-school team behind the bar. If you’ve been to an LCC venue before, you've seen the trademark low-hanging lampshades above the bar, which end up swaying left, right, forward, backwards, in circles above your head. I've come to the conclusion that this tends to happen when a bartender's favourite tune comes on... but then again I think they just do it for fun and banter, and it really does do the trick to get revellers energised for that one last drink.

It's all about sassy cocktails, 70s vibes and that classic LCC charm.

With that Thursday feeling in effect, we sifted eagerly through the story book of cocktails to make our first choice. Being in the middle of the sporting season and an avid lover of gin, I went for the topical Game, Set & Match; made with Ramsbury gin, wheatgrass, cucumber, lemon, apple and shaken with egg white - a refreshing yet zingy mix of summer in a glass. My partner in crime opted for a fun nuclear twist on the classic Daiquiri (£12), which was a short and strong concoction of Wray & Nephew, green chartreuse, velvet falernum and lime, decorated with a glow stick, rubber ducky and a whole lot of attitude.

In true LCC fashion we just had to try one of their notorious sharers. Feeling on top of the world at this point, We Are The Champions (10 person sharer, £100) seemed like the appropriate choice. A trophy filled with Absolut raspberri vodka, Martini rubino, lychee, cassis, lemon and vanilla, turned up calling out to the crowds with sparklers and belting the Queen tune as it was paraded to our table. Okay, yes maybe a little OTT, but you’ve got to love it!

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In my eyes, LCC is the definition of a party bar and not the place to go to for ‘just one drink’ - I mean you can try, it just won’t happen! From the venue, to the bar team, and the drinks, the whole place screams fun. It may be dangerous if visiting mid week, but certainly the number one choice to start, continue and end a night out on any (and every) weekend.