New bar spy - Bob Bob Exchange

More 'Press For Champagne' buttons as Bob Bob Exchange fills the third floor of the Cheesegrater

Bob Bob Exchange

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2018: January

What they say:

Winning round building proprietors and snagging the entire third floor of the Cheesegrater building, Bob Bob Exchange brings a roaring level of luxury to the heart of the City of London in 2017. Not only will their noted 'Press for Champagne' buttons remain a table-side staple, this City restaurant promises a continuation of in-house smoked meats and plates alongside its very own, 9 seater strong sushi restaurant in the heart of the venue. 

What we say:

How many buttons would make our lives easier? The get me to work button. The feed the cat button. The brush my teeth button and the ring my mum button. But the press for champagne button? That's a treasure reserved for Bob Bob Exchange. Not only do they have some of the most luxury interiors in the UK when it comes to dining, this Cheesegrater plot is sure to have City dwellers gagging at the door for dinner.