Balls Brothers Adams Court - London Restaurant Review

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Last updated . By Olivia Cheves.

Cloistered just off the beaten track, in a quiet little courtyard near Bank station, Balls Brothers’ Adams Court venue is a little bit of what you fancy. Known for their simple and delicious menus, extensive wine list and laid back atmosphere, we ventured down for some good old fashioned City hospitality.  

Venue and Atmosphere

Adams Court has captured the spirit of the old school city pub and dining room, with dark woods, expansive windows, comfy chairs and crystal clear glassware. It’s a Monday evening and the venue is quiet and relaxed, with just a handful of drinkers downstairs sipping on some post-work beers and the odd spritz. The upstairs restaurant is also peopled by just a few other groups, lending the room a calm but jovial atmosphere. It’s the sort of restaurant where turning up shortly before 7pm begs the question of whether your fellow diners, already ensconced in leather and plush velvet chairs, have opted for an early dinner, or a very long lunch.

Balls Brothers Adams Court London Restaurant Review

Warm and bright, the Balls Brothers interiors are the epitome of city dining.

Food and Drink

Balls Brothers specialise in simple food done well, so you can expect pies, steaks, chicken schnitzel, and even eggs and hand-carved ham. The menu is all about familiar flavours given a high-end gloss, as demonstrated with my starter, the Roasted Goat’s Cheese Crostini (£7.50). Topped with sliced figs, a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of pine nuts, it’s a very nicely balanced dish in every respect. The crisp crostini is complemented by smooth still-warm goat’s cheese, which in turn is rounded out by the sweetness of the figs and honey.

I sneak a couple of bites of my friend’s Ham Hock Fritters with mustard piccalilli (£7.50). The crispy fritters prove as meaty and delicious as they sounds, in particular the piccalilli. To be quite honest, I could have been chowing down on old shoe leather and still would have enjoyed it if smothered in that sharp, spicy goodness.

For the wine we’re treated to a bottle of El Gordo del Circo, Verdejo Rueda, one of the ‘Five Cases Only’ specials of the month. Clean, crisp and fruity, it offers an intense flavour without overpowering the Salmon & Prawn Fishcake (£13.00) I’ve ordered for my main. Topped with a poached egg and a side of pickled cucumber salad, the fishcake is warm and dense, packed with flakey salmon and juicy prawns, crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy within. When pierced, the poached egg bursts like a water balloon, oozing sunshine yellow yolk across the plate. 

Balls Brothers Adams Court London Restaurant Review

For simple, wholesome and delicious dishes, Balls Brothers Adams Court has you covered.


Hearty and comforting, Balls Brothers’ Adams Court is the kind of restaurant that does simplicity to perfection. Bringing a relaxed atmosphere and smooth service, its City location makes it perfect for a mid-week post-work bite with pals, or a couple of drinks of an evening.