Little Bird A Kew Gardens themed bar and restaurant becomes the latest botanical babe to land in Chiswick
1 Station Parade, London, W4 3HD
Happily Affordable ££

What they say:

Kew Gardens is a whimsical and fun space of botany and foliage, and now it's getting a restaurant and bar in its honour. Only a mere stone's throw from the gardens themselves, this 5-late venue not only has Michelle Lepherd at the foodie helm designing a selection of plush small plates, these dishes will coincide and compliment the venue's selection of herb-based cocktails and whimsical interiors.

What we say:

With pretty much all of my tattoos based on botany, not only does this new bar and restaurant spark my own selfish interest, it's sure to give those making the arduous journey to Kew Gardens a little something extra to boast about. With spring colours, fresh fare and foliage peaking throughout, this couldn't be a better fit for suburban Chiswick.