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New Camden Smokehouse Cuts To Front Of The Q

Q Grill

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What they say:

Camden's latest eatery haven't cut any corners in their quest to set up a quality smokehouse dining experience. For starters they're only interested in serving up the very best seasonal ingredients, all acquired from local and trustworthy sources. Then there's their meticulous cooking methods to take into account; each dish comes to the table via either the impressive charcoal pit grill or oven and house smokers, and each of the largely fish and meat - based meals is tenderly grilled with unique BBQ seasonings. There's a good selection of wines, beers and cocktails to boot, and everything can be enjoyed in a airy, striking dining area that impresses from the outset. 

What we say:

The latest addition to the Camden scene isn't one to be missed without a good excuse. The folks at Q Grill have worked hard to put together an impressive all round dining experience that is sure to be a hit with BBQ enthusiasts from all over. The choice of mains isn't huge, but that'll be because the powers-that-be at Q are most certainly from the 'quality over quantity' school of thought. Each dish is expertly made, and the good choice of refreshing wines and innovative cocktails keeps standards high and diners happy. The slick interior caps everything off; a great new addition to Camden's arsenal of restaurants and bars.