Sorry, No Vacancies Nothing Sorry About Hot Dogs in Brixton
378 Brixton Road, London, SW9 7AW
Happily Affordable ££

What they say:

Teaming a list of compelling cocktails with a selection of succulent hot-dogs, the powers that be at Sorry, No Vacancies are out to "serve up hearty portions of good times" to everyone who steps through the door. There's a rolling roster of guest DJs that fill this intimate venue with an eclectic mix of toe-tapping tunes, and also the capacity to host live bands keen to showcase their talents to a vibrant South London crowd. Sorry, No Vacancies is all about setting up an informal vibe where you're encouraged to leave your worries at the door, stick on your dancing shoes and throw some shapes like its nobody's business.

What we say:

With a name like 'Sorry, No Vacancies', this Brixton hideout is always likely to linger in the mind. But it's not just the name that makes this place memorable, for the list of cocktails on offer is genuinely innovative (one even pairs tequila with HP sauce and a cocktail sausage), and the great selection of hot-dogs is equally as compelling. The low-lighting, exposed brickwork and vintage-inspired wallpapers creates a whimsical atmosphere, and the chill-out area provides revellers with a convenient retreat to take a second to recharge their batteries before a triumphant return to the dance floor.