Beast Of Brixton - London Restaurant Bar Review

The tale of the Beast goes something along the lines of the following: “Somewhere in Brixton there’s a door. Behind the door there’s a staircase. Upstairs there’s a party, and the party is yours…” and so I found the door, went up the stairs and discovered the party for myself.

The Venue & Atmosphere

Overlooking Acre lane from its perch, the Beast of Brixton is a curious creature. Nip down a side road and head on up  the stairs where you will find somewhere you can imagine was once a cosy lounge, but has now been transformed into a den of cocktails and international, almost Mexican-led bites. Sugar-skull wallpaper and dark interiors make for an intimate and broody atmosphere. The Beast puts out just the right amount of buzz for your favourite late-night drinking joint, whether you’re nipping in on your way home or keeping it local for the night. 

The bar was more than cosy on a cold London night; perfect for conversation and a great opportunity to see the cocktails in action, definitely where the owners can rope you in with some sweet concoctions and conversations. It fits perfectly for a beverage stop-off on route into town or as a late night pit-stop on your way home.

beast of brixton london review

Casual and almost-intimate, Beast of Brixton is a hidden gem in the south.

The Food and Drink

With mixology and mischief from the likes of the lads from Killgrief and Comfort, the Beast comes with quite the drinks offering. The menu extends from all corners of the Caribbean, to American classics re-done and Italian stalwarts. Taking pride in their original slushy Frozen Margarita, I can confirm that this is the perfect, fresh blend of punch and bite. Totally trumping all 'dude' delegates to the stage came their version of a White Russian. Keeping the Stoli vodka, Kahlua and milk but topping up with pistachio syrup, cream and a dusting of grated nutmeg, this is a whole new way to play.

Food comes of an international persuasion here, and although their Korean Chicken Wings (£6) have been tested and approved by a Korean friend if you're looking for something more tailored to the East, there's still plenty of brunches, Sunday roasts and Mexican alternatives to go around. We went all out when it came to their selection of small plates with a round of Chips & Dips (£4.50), Baja Fish Tacos and Pork Pibil Tacos (2 for £5) accompanied by their Sweet Potato Fries (£3.50). Not only the perfect size for sharing, the tacos were interesting, bursting with flavour (our favourite addition being the chipotle mayonnaise that accompanied the fish tacos) and perfectly paired with the more-ish fries. 

beast of brixton food review london

Try the taco selection at Beast of Brixton for light, perfectly sized bites.


This Brixton-ite is made of all the right elements: chilled vibes, a bit of attitude and plenty of booze. With plans to roll the restaurant-cum-bar out across the country at festivals, the owners have definitely got more up their sleeve for this place – stay tuned, this is just the beginning of the Beast.