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Quirky Cocktail Bar in the Shadow of The Gherkin

Discount Suit Company

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What they say:

With a passion for cocktails of all shapes and sizes, the folks behind the Discount Suit Company concept bring a library of ebullient flavours to this little section of East London. Generating a neighbourhood bar style feel that wouldn't be out of place in New York City, this accommodating hangout extends a warm welcome to a broad variety of the populace - from bankers to members of the local fashion community. The venue also strives to welcome private groups of all sizes. The Discount Suit Company oozes a relaxed ambience which is significantly aided by the table-service policy in operation. 

What we say:

Nestled in a vibrant part of the capital and with a quirky name like 'Discount Suit Company' (which pays homage to the former clothing outlet that was based on the same site), its hard to miss this endearing cocktail bar. A strong list of drinks thoughtfully constructed by knowledgeable mixologists with a clear passion for what they are doing combines with the venue's excellent location to make this hangout an ideal place to drop in for a few after work drinks. Careful though, because such is the comfort of this place that what was meant to be one casual cocktail might soon escalate...