Resident of Paradise Row Seasonal fare beckons in Bethnal Green with new Paradise Row resident
Arch 252 Paradise Row, London, E2 9LE

What they say:

Tucked alongside a craft beer boozer and bar toting their own cocktail factory, Resident of Paradise Row is a charming new addition to an already bustling selection of liquid patrons. Coming in on the foodie front, Resident of Paradise Row are brining social and seasonal dining to these archway mists as fresh ingredients, 'breaking bread with your neighbours' and cool Bethnal Green patrons reign supreme. 

What we say:

The tucked away nature of Paradise Row only lends to its independence, hence why we think that this seasonal newbie will fit in rather nicely. With an influx of supper clubs sweeping the nation, and plucky patrons more aware of what they're popping in their gobs than ever, Resident of Paradise Row's insistence on social dining, carefully picked out plates and East London location will only benefit its success. Put me down for a table of many, you're all invited see.