Inside The Immersive Prison Experience That Sets Secret Challenges And Whips Up Bespoke Cocktails

Drinks in the clink, anyone? There's something about a stint in jail without doing actual time that really seems to get us going, including escape rooms and full city-wide man-hunting events. Whether you take your inmate inspo from Orange Is The New Black or Prison Break, Alcotraz: Cell Block Three-Six combines your immersive experience with bespoke cocktails courtesy of the incarcerated mixologists. Having already been locked up at the Brighton venue, while being well-aware of the other popular spots in Shoreditch, Covent Garden and Manchester, I was back for more at the newest jail: Liverpool. But, as I was about to find out, no two trips here are the same...

Alcotraz: Cell Block Three-Six Liverpool Review | DesignMyNight

Befriend the guards and your bootlegged liquor will be whipped up into cocktails.

After a brief intro from our chief crooked guard, Wilmot, and popping on some bright jumpsuits, our tequila ended up in a really inconspicuous pillow, coupled with a plausible story about my other half's 'terrible piles'. Yikes. Inside the main prison, we met Cassidy, leader of the smuggling op. We told him the secret code so he'd know we have booze on our person, which was squirrelled away behind the bar for later.

Alcotraz certainly doesn't go halves on the decor to match its concept. Each cell was kitted out with bibles and a smattering of family photos, while concrete-look walls gave a bleak edge. To top it off, one of the seats was a disused toilet and the sink had been turned into a little shelf for our incoming drinks. As for the talented actors? Expect drawling American accents, cheeky antics and profanity throughout, which keeps you on your toes.

Alcotraz Penitentiary Liverpool Immersive Prison Experience Review | DesignMyNight

Get your story straight with the warden.

From being bundled into the punishment room to encountering the dreaded contraband-hating warden and chatting with all the characters, this event is the perfect mix of theatre and getting stuck in. Alongside mingling and watching scenes across the main space, there's a number of secret side-tasks that, when completed successfully by the different groups, will help the plot unfold. 

Better yet, the serving inmates really know how to mix a delicious drink. Going only off a brief description of our likes, dislikes and any allergies, they delivered four surprise cocktails each to our cell. Having given us drinks of refreshingly tart cherry, banana flavour and sweet coconut, to name just a few, the team really nailed our 'sour or tropical' brief. All were fittingly presented too, garnished with fruits and herbs, while sloshing around in metal cups or mugs on a rations-style tray. 

Alcotraz Liverpool Immersive Cocktail Bar Review | DesignMyNight

Bespoke drinks? You'd better believe Alcotraz Penitentiary delivers.

The DesignMyNight Digest 

Without spilling the beans too much on the finer details, what I can say is that Liverpool's Alcotraz: Cell Block Three-Six is an absolute blast. From creating your alias to shaping your own part of the story, this is an immersive experience at its very best - ideal whether you're a Bonnie and Clyde-inspired couple or a larger group of misfits.

  💰 The damage: £36.99 per person, plus the price of your spirits.

  📍  The location: 36 Seel Street, L1 4BE.

  👌 Perfect for: Something a little different.

 ⭐ Need to know: When it comes to booze, it's recommend you bring one 35cl bottle between two, or 70cl for a group of four, with leftovers given back at the end.


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