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Chomp On Pho, Banh Mi And Vietnamese Burgers At This New Street Food Restaurant

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Published . By Georgia Evans.



Now Open

Việtnom is bringing authentic Vietnamese street food to Liverpool’s Berry Street. Serving a seasonal menu of traditional cuisine with the occasional modern twist, the former pop-up gained a cult following for its regular appearances at Baltic Market and supper clubs.

What’s up for grabs? Plenty of familiar dishes for those that enjoyed its market offerings. These include pho noodle soup, bun cha noodle bowls and the signature nom! burger made with grilled pork. There’s also the always-popular banh mi, a baguette stuffed with Hanoi chicken or smoked aubergine and edamame, which can be swapped out for a bao if you're in the mood for an alternative take on the classic.

The restaurant itself is equally as vibrant as the plates coming out of the kitchen. The walls are lined with colourful hand painted murals that depict temples, flying birds and bold patterns, making for some top-notch Instagram content.