Josie Ayre

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Josie is an overpriced cocktail fan, dog enthusiast and future farm shop owner. @JosieAyre

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Timmy Green - London Restaurant Review

Timmy Green

One side effect of living in Clapham is that you're surrounded by Australians. I love them because they're always sunny even in the constant rain of London, their ability to...
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Diciannove - London Restaurant Review

Diciannove Italian Restaurant
City of London

First of all, let’s get this straight: hotel restaurants in London are rarely destination eateries. It isn’t often that you’ll find yourself chowing down in an offshoot of a hotel...
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Ping Pong Soho - London Restaurant Review

Ping Pong Soho

As we head into the colder climes of Autumn, I made my way to the long-time chain institution of Soho, Ping Pong for dim sum, buns and cocktails.  The Venue and Atmosphere Ping Pong has...
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Prince of Peckham - London Pub Review

Prince of Peckham

Not all pubs were created equally. Some are all beer-soaked squishy carpets, ham, egg and chips while others, like the Prince of Peckham, have partnered with seriously cool Caribbean food...
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