Top 10 Bars to Take Your Boyfriend in Glasgow

Let's face it, complacency can be a curse when it comes to relationships. Although we know exactly what our boyfriend likes and the kind of place he likes to hang out in, we get lazy and instead opt to sit in our pyjamas, eating take-away in front of the TV. To help break the mould and re-introduce the spark that once made you inseparable, we've compiled a list of places that are sure to put a beaming smile on the face of your beloved boyfriend, regardless of the mood he's in. Here's our guide to the top 10 best places to take your boyfriend in Glasgow.

Waxy O'Connor's Glasgow

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Drenched in sturdy oak and serving a range of palatable treats that are sure to please your boyfriend, Waxy O'Connor's is a favourite watering holes for the city's many revellers. The huge HD screen broadcast all the latest live sporting events and the deep-set bar is stocked full of ice-cold Guinness and warming scotch. Ideal for a cosy meal for two, the bar's menu is stock full of Irish and Scottish classics, including thick Irish stew, seasoned haggis and hearty steak & Guinness pie.  


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3 tapas & 2 cocktails for £20pp

Though specialising primarily in South American tapas, Cubatas boasts a stunning drinks menu that's capable of competing with the best. Throwing itself head first into complex flavours and intriguing spices, it's no surprise that their eye for creation has expanded into their cocktail line-up. Fresh fruits, exotic spices and international spirits are all twirled and twisted together, producing an explosion of flavour as soon as the first sip hits the mouth. Grab a drink, sit back and unwind with your boyfriend at this characterful bar in Glasgow.

Shilling Brewing Co.

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Metropolitan chic meets industrial charm at the Shilling Brewing Company in Glasgow. Serving as a great place to take your boyfriend and dripping with attitude, the bar is fully loaded with an intriguing array of real ales, craft beers and freshly made pizzas. Crucially, the team behind this joint help to maintain Glasgow's long-found brewing tradition, mixing and fermenting their own blend of flavours and serving them only a few meters away from where they were created. 

Revolution Glasgow

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Ideal for all the party-mad crowds looking to blow off some steam, Revolutions bar on Renfield Street welcomes guests from all over the city and has something of a reputation for delivering some of the wildest nights out in Glasgow. If nothing pleases your boyfriend more than a night of heavy tunes, fun vibes and copious amounts of alcohol, then Revs is the spot for you. Grab a stick of shots and let the night consume you at this lively, boyfriend-friendly bar.

The Brass Monkey

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The Brass Monkey pub on Argyle Street is perfect for all the boyfriends out there that consider themselves seasoned beer connoisseurs. Local brews and craft beers are all the craze at this no-nonsense spot. To accompany the many brands of European bottled beer and really test out their knowledge, Glasgow's most loved breweries are on show, with potent coffee stouts, smooth pale ales and intriguing beers signposting the bar with their brightly coloured beer taps and alluring flavours. 

Hillhead Bookclub

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The Hillhead Bookclub has everything you could ever ask for on a night out in Glasgow. Entertainment comes in bucket-loads here, with frivolous drag nights and a smattering a ping pong tables adding a healthy bit of competition to things. Simultaneously, things are kept light by the diverse menu of comfort food treats and the selection of ice-cold beers. If your special someone fancies himself as a bit of a ping pong champ, knock him down a few steps and clip his ego at this fun-loving bar in the heart of town.  

No bar better buys into the old expression that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach than Glasgow's Butchershop Bar & Grill. Specialising in seasoned cuts of grilled meat, the carnivore team behind this spot tie in a delectable menu of libations to help wash things down. From aged sirloins and barbecued ribs, to fine bottles of wine and delicately balanced cocktails, this Sauchiehall Street spot will never disappoint on an intimate date night with your boyfriend.  


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Arguably one of the most popular bars in town, the Hummingbird on Bath Street never disappoints when it comes to throwing frivolous nights out in Glasgow. The DJs of course keep things abuzz and the kitchen churns out a range of burgers bursting with toppings, but it's the bar staff that pack the most punch with their abilities to flair almost any cocktail using the arsenal of spirits and fruits at their disposal. Leave your troubles at the door and dance long into the early hours with your boyfriend on your arm at this lively joint.


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Capturing the hearts - and waistlines - of many of Glasgow's fun-loving boyfriends, the team at Lebowski's on Argyle Street serve up a treat, combining dazzling drinks with hearty comfort food. With 25 different White Russians and a handful of other classic spirit concoctions, the highlight of this spot has to be the condiment-filled burgers and filling-topped hotdogs. To really complete the easy-going experience, some of the finest sides in Glasgow accompany each dish, while each weekend is signposted by a number of wild DJ sets.