Where to Drink Glasgow Beer

Glasgow has a couple of brilliant microbreweries and some rather talented brewers, so support the craft and get drinking some Glasgow beer. Beer is becoming increasingly popular with the young and trendies as well as long time drinkers and as a result, there's a lot of Glasgow craft beer on offer. Don't know where to drink Glasgow beer? No problem! Take a look at our list and get acquainted with the pubs serving Glasgow beer on tap or by the bottle. From pubs in the West End with a picturesque beer garden to stunning breweries in the East End serving up tasty creations that will please everyone, Glasgow beer is so dang fantastic, you'll never want to opt for a foreign lager again. 

Shilling Brewing Co.

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Contributing to Glasgow's already well-established culture of brewing, the Shillings Brewing Company brings the first brewpub to the bustling city centre. Beautifully decorated, with exposed brick walls and large metallic pipes giving the entire venue a distinctly industrial feel to things, the bar will invite guests to try some of their most delicately crafted beers and ales. With a team of chefs serving exquisite pizzas, guests are certain to leave this beer-mad bar with a huge smile and belly full of hop-based bliss. 

WEST On The Green

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The West Brewery in the East End is definitely the most striking of all the Glasgow breweries. This stunning brewery-come-pub is popular with tourists looking to sample some of Glasgow's own beer and marvel at the magnificent architecture, but you'll also find plenty of beer fans chilling out with friends in their formidable garden overlooking Glasgow Green. One of the fanciest places to enjoy a Glasgow beer. 

Clockwork Beer Company

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The Clockwork Beer Company is a microbrewery in Glasgow's southside that also doubles up as a pub. As you'd expect, their own beer takes pride of place on the drinks menu, with four different types to choose from. Once you've finished sampling some of Glasgow's own beer, why not take a tour of the brewery while you're there? You even get three complimentary beer tastings at the end of the tour, and if that's not enough of an incentive, we don't know what is. 

Inn Deep

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Inn Deep is a little pub in the West End which sells beers from by Alloa-based brewers, the Williams Brothers. Expect a wide variety of crazy concoctions alongside the Williams Brothers' award winning beer, the Joker IPA. A great place to drink Glasgow beer, catch some football or sit by the River Kelvin in their small (but perfectly formed) outdoor terrace. 


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Steak frites for 2

The McChuills Bar is one of beer-laden legend thanks to their ever changing collection of continental brews such as Krusovice Imperial lager, Furstenburg Premium and Weinstephan wheat beer from the world's oldest brewery. Whether you're looking for a largers, beer or ale you'll find yourself well looked after here.