Unusual Bars in Glasgow

We love a quirky and unusual bar that you can chill out in and watch the world go by from. Glasgow has an abundance of unusual bars and we've put together some of the best. Secret bars with amazing beer gardens? Check. Pubs with a microbrewery onsite? Check. Bars with an entirely vegan menu? Check. Have a look at our picks of some rather unusual bars in Glasgow which are sure to impress you. 

Sorry, the places listed below don't have online bookings available, but we hope you still find this list useful for your night out!

Clockwork Beer Company

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Looking for an unusual bar in Glasgow? Big fan of craft beer? Look no further than the Clockwork Beer Company in Glasgow's southside. This venue has its own microbrewery onsite and their beer garden even received an award for their floral displays by the Gardeners of Glasgow group. How many beer gardens can boast the same? Head here for a brewery tour and finish the day off with a beer brewed onsite at this unusual bar in Glasgow.


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What makes Mono an unusual bar in Glasgow is their completely vegan friendly menu. Glasgow was named the most vegan friendly city in the UK which is no doubt due to the hard work of bars such as Mono. The food served up at Mono is super tasty, so this unusual bar in Glasgow is also popular with meat eaters looking to try something a bit different


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This multi-floor venue is something of a super bar. Hummingbird is comprised of different rooms, all with their own theme and capacity. From the glitter room to the posh room, there's something for everyone here and you might spend more time admiring your surroundings than, you know, partying. This unusual bar in Glasgow is the ideal place to hold a celebration or a place to get together with friends. 

Hillhead Bookclub

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Hillhead Bookclub is an unusual bar in Glasgow's West End that's always popular with young people and students. Located in a renovated cinema, there's plenty of talking points in this bar, notably the ping pong table, the retro gaming area, the cocktails served in gramophones and of course, the mounted deer's head on the wall. This unusual bar in Glasgow is a great place to hang out with friends and chill out to the sound of disco and funk music playing in the background. 

Saramago Café Bar

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Found within the Centre for Contemporary Arts on Sauchiehall Street is the Saramago Café Bar, an unusual bar in Glasgow that is hidden in plain sight. This unusual bar has an outdoor terrace tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Sauchiehall Street, so next time you're in the area, why not head to this little hidden gem instead of the usual suspects?


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Chinaski's is a hidden, unusual bar in Glasgow that's always busy with in-the-know punters. Go through the plain teal doors and you'd never know that this little haven existed just off the motorway. Chinaski's is home to one of Glasgow's most popular beer gardens but don't take our word for it - go check out this unusual bar and see for yourself.