New Bar Spy - A New Hope

This Star Wars-Themed Restaurant And Bar Is Bringing The Force To Edinburgh

A New Hope



Wrap your locks up in Princess Leia-style buns and grab your hairiest pal to pass off as a Wookiee; a Star Wars-inspired restaurant has announced its arrival to Edinburgh's West End by plastering a snippet of the menu, styled like the films' iconic opening crawl, onto its frontage. The name for this sci-fi spot? A New Hope, of course.

While there's no opening date announced for the independent venue just yet, it's tipped to marry themed decor with the Japanese cuisine of its older sister restaurant, Hope Omurisu. No good at chopsticks? Then you can use the forks to gobble up BBQ dishes, yakitori chicken, succulent pork belly and crab roe salad here. Not only that, but there's expected to be a signature cocktail menu available for washing down all these tasty treats.

Thinking of donning your Jedi robes and lightsaber to head here? In the famous words of Emperor Palpatine: do it.

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