6 Most Haunted Pubs In Edinburgh

With a grimy past veiled in cobbled stairwells, spooky crypts and medieval buildings, pub-going poltergeists are more common than you might expect in ol' Auld Reekie. Discover the ghostly realms of Edinburgh's most haunted pubs while sipping on a pint... or two. Here's where to find or avoid them. Are you brave enough?


The White Hart Inn

As one of the oldest pubs in Edinburgh, with a cellar dating back to 1516, it's no surprise that a whole lot of funny business goes on at this joint. Legend has it, The White Hart Inn was supposedly the watering hole of Edinburgh's infamous murderous duo, William Burke and William Hare, who lured unsuspecting drinkers away from the pub to their nearby lodgings. Happenings include everything from hair-pulling to the tipper-tapper of footsteps after closure. Yeouch.

White Hart Inn | Design My Night

A little slice of haunted hell, just off the Grassmarket.

The Banshee Labyrinth

Dubbed Scotland's most haunted pub, The Banshee Labyrinth is known for hair-raising happenings - thanks in no small part to the banshee's presence, a ghostly figure famous for patrolling the premises. Sections of the pub were part of the notorious underground vaults of Edinburgh; plus, the building was once owned by Lord Nicol Edwards, a witch hunter who transformed his basement into a dungeon for grilling innocent women. With numerous people meeting a gruesome fate in these crypts, it's no wonder that this haunt has become a spooky sanctuary over the years. 

The Banshee Labyrinth | DesignMyNight

Edinburgh's favourite haunted hangout.

The Last Drop

Tracing its roots back to the 17th century, The Last Drop is named after its dark past as a site of public executions in the city's iconic square. During the 17th and 18th centuries, condemned prisoners were taken to enjoy a final sip of lager at this boozer before making the short walk to the hangman's noose... hence the name. The pub claims their haunting is dominated by a little lass in medieval garb causing mischief, with sightings of the spirit reported in both the cellar and the bar. Eerie.

The Last Drop | Edinburgh

Sit back, relax, enjoy your drink, but remember to be careful. 

Tolbooth Tavern

The Tolbooth Tavern served as part of the original tolbooth built during the 16th century to collect tolls from travellers to the burgh of Canongate. Notorious for its eerie history, including rumoured connections to witchcraft, the haunting of this pub is dominated by a shadowy figure and ghostly apparitions of children lurking around the space. The spooky tales at this inn have ranged from things flying off tables to various bumps, noises and pictures being knocked off walls. So, if you put your drink down anywhere here, be careful, as it may just be flung against a wall by an unseen force.

Tolbooth Tavern | Edinburgh

The Tolbooth Tavern of Terror.

Whistlebinkies Live Music Bar

Every day is Halloween at Whistlebinkies Live Music Bar. Built into the Southbridge vaults, this atmospheric inn has it's fair share of spine-chilling ghost stories. Spectres include ''The Imp'', a playful spirit regularly pulling pranks on the staff and ''The Watcher'', a mysterious figure patrolling the tavern's grounds dressed in 17th-century attire (complete with riding boots and a tri-cornered hat). Not to worry, though; he tends to disappear when approached.

Whistlebinkies Haunted Pub | DesignMyNight

Things often go bump at this bar.

The Deacon Brodies Tavern

Containing a dark memento of the town's past, the tavern is named after Deacon Brodie, an inspiration behind Robert Louis Stevenson's Jekyll and Hyde, who was executed in 1788. Haunted by the ghost of its namesake, who wanders around with a lantern in hand and rope imprints around his neck, The Deacon Brodies Tavern is steeped in gruesome history. A must-visit for a spot of hearty pub grub and award-winning ales; who knows, you might just spot Brodie himself.

Deacon Brodies Haunted Tavern | Design My Night

We have a thing for spirits roaming the halls and spirits behind the bars.

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