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An Intriguing New Restaurant Concept Has Arrived In New Town

Six By Nico Edinburgh

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What they say:

Following the success of its Glasgow sister venue, Six By Nico is making the move to the capital. This neat little concept restaurant is re-imagined every six weeks around a new theme chosen by owner and chef Nico Simeone. Offering six-course tasting menus based around the theme, the restaurant has announced its first theme as 'The Chippie' a modern take on the classic fish and chip shop that sees all those nostalgic tastes and smells re-envisioned as high-end dining.

What we say:

Six By Nico is more than just a restaurant, in fact it is many restaurants. Transforming every week into a new style of eatery based around a place or memory chosen by chef-patron Nico Simeone, the restaurant offers contemporary takes on classic dishes. Kicking off proceedings will be 'The Chippie', a fine-dining twist on the old fish and chip shop, where cheesy chips transform into Parmesan espuma with crisp potatoes and curry oil, and the classic scampi materialises as Scrabster monkfish cheek with pea ketchup. Add to this some stunning interiors which mix minimalism and grandeur and there's no doubt that Six By Nico is likely to be a hit with Edinburgh's curious eaters.