New bar spy - German Doner Kebab

Gourmet Doner Kebabs Are Heading To Edinburgh

Published . By Georgia Evans.

German Doner Kebab


Now Open

German Doner Kebab are an internationally-renowned gourmet kebab chain, who have now set their sights on Edinburgh’s Lothian Road. Offering ‘nutritionally sound’ creations since 1989 when they set up in Berlin, the restaurant aims to deliver delicious eats without any worry of over-indulgence.

A far cry from the stuffy, neon-lit, greasy takeaways you'd usually associate with their signature dish, The German Doner Kebab shop offers sleek interiors with cosy booths, high tables and colourful tiled walls.

Foodwise, these guys are leading a ‘healthy kebab revolution’ with half the saturated fat in each standard kebab than the UK average. Each one is made freshly, using prime cuts of chicken and beef, veggie options are available, with fresh salad, signature sauces and wrapped in handmade bread with extra optional toppings. There’s also other pretty mouthwatering options of doner burgers, quesadillas, doner chips and cheese, as well as the doner gym box and kcal kebab for those keeping it low-cal.