From Alice In Wonderland To Brewing Magic Potions: Edinburgh's Best Immersive Experiences In 2024

Love yourself something a little different and want to take things up another notch? Whether you're in need of quirky dates or group activities, often only the most interactive events and venues will do. So, read on to uncover the best immersive experiences Edinburgh has on offer in 2024 and book your next outing.

Escape Hunt Edinburgh

60-minute immersive adventures are on the cards at Escape Hunt, which is found inside Boom Battle Bar in the Omni Centre. With the aim of escaping from your interactive environment within the time limit, this fun activity will plunge you into a whole different world from our own; think searching for the lost city of Atlantis, navigating ancient Japan as a samurai, stealing from Blackbeard himself, and even falling down the rabbit hole into Alice in Puzzleland.

Escape Hunt Edinburgh Immersive Experiences 2024 | DesignMyNight

This immersive experience in Edinburgh is unmissable, with prices starting at £22 per person.


Combining musical theatre and (yes, you guessed it) cabaret is Cab-aratte; an interactive event that takes place both in a cab and across the city of Edinburgh. You'll be transported figuratively and literally through the streets across this immersive performance tour, which includes plenty of music, dance, songs, facts and fictions to get your teeth into. You'll be in great hands with Lola and her kooky characters throughout your 90-minute experience.

Cab-arette Edinburgh | DesignMyNight

For a slice of immersive theatre in Edinburgh, it's got to be Cab-arette.

The Cauldron

An immersive potion-making experience for the best witches and wizards, The Cauldron awaits in Edinburgh New Town. Grab a cloak, wield a magic wand and mix up two delicious elixirs during the class, which is just under two hours long. Plus you'll enjoy a welcome drink poured from the mouth of a unicorn, lion or three-headed snake - making the most of that gorgeous, interactive setting. Finish off with a couple of drinks in the enchanting cocktail lounge too.

The Cauldron Edinburgh Wizard Experience | DesignMyNight

Bubble a deliciously witchy brew over at The Cauldron for £40 per adult.

Johnnie Walker Experience: Journey Of Flavour

Scotch lovers, rejoice; Johnnie Walker: Journey of Flavour is a signature 90-minute adventure uncovering the very best of this famous brand at their Princes Street location. The whisky connoisseurs are offering an event of epic proportions, spanning live performances, tastings, light shows and more across a multi-media, sensory experience. You'll even kick things off with a flavour profile quiz to ensure the tour's three cocktails (or drams and non-alcoholic choices if you prefer) are catered to your tastes. All that for just £30 each? Sign us up.

Johnnie Walker Immersive Whisky Experience | DesignMyNight

Whiskies galore and a multi-media experience to boot - all your senses are ignited here.

Camera Obscura And World Of Illusions

As well as being one of Edinburgh's most well-known attractions, Camera Obscura and World of Illusions is also immersive. Aside from the 360-degree views over the city and the show taking you through how the Camera Obscura works while seeing it in action, there are also over 100 interactive exhibits across five floors: from mind-bending optical illusions and the vortex tunnel in Bewilderworld to holograms or light experiences. 

Camera Obscura And World Of Illusions Edinburgh | DesignMyNight

You'll be bowled over (maybe literally) by the immersive exhibits here.

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