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This New Indian Restaurant Is Offering 50% Off Their Entire Menu


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Now Open

Dangal, a new authentic Indian restaurant and takeaway, has recently opened in the Corstorphine district of Edinburgh, and it's offering a 50% discount on all orders until Thursday 12th September. Feast on popular classics such as korma, tikka masala, and biryani or test drive some Dangal specialities - think Goan fish curry, lamb chop tawa masala and chicken chettinad - available to be eaten in the cosy restaurant or as a takeaway.

They even have a vegan and vegetarian section, offering dishes such as saag paneer, dal makhani and matar mushrooms. Added bonus: the restaurant makes all of their dishes with a fraction of the oil normally used, putting more emphasis on the spices and flavours of each dish - meaning you'll a) get a healthier meal and b) be saved from having to deal with the usual puddle of oil at the bottom of your balti.