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Zero Waste Tapas And Cocktail Bar Arrives In Stockbridge


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What they say:

It's tapas and cocktails with a twist at this new Edinburgh bar and restaurant. Featuring internationally-inspired small plates that runs from halloumi fries to roast dinner burritos, the restaurant takes an interesting approach to how it picks its menu. Based partly on seasonality, and partly on the whims and wills of its customers, Chameleon aims to stay true to its name by presenting an ever-changing line-up of food and cocktails. Not only does this help to reduce waste, but makes each visit a new and interesting experience. 

What we say:

Located on the edge of Stockbridge, this new restaurant from the team behind Seasons is taking a novel approach to its food. Serving up cocktails made with produce from local suppliers, and an ever-changing selection of globally-inspired small-plates, like many modern restaurants, seasonality plays an important role in how Chameleon curates its menu options. Nevertheless, they're taking it one step further. From sharing produce with sister restaurant Seasons to ensuring that offcuts and leftovers are put to good use, Chameleon is dedicated to creating as little waste as possible.