New bar spy - Greazy Vegan

Greazy Vegan is giving Cardiff guilt-free junk food

Greazy Vegan

Published . By Georgia Evans.


Now Open

Cardiff's first vegan junk food spot, Greazy Vegan, is bringing greasy burgers, kebabs and chicken strips to the masses and proving that just because it's vegan, doesn't mean it's boring. With an aim to disprove misconceptions about stringent vegan diets and food fads, Greazy Vegan's ethos is simple: delicious junk food that's guilt-free. Using solely vegan products with locally-sourced bread and salad, and packaged using recyclable materials, they believe quality and taste go hand in hand. 

After making waves as a pop-up in the city, Greazy Vegan's permanent spot in Castle Arcade can seat up to 40. Hungry diners can be tempted by vegan treats such as the Big Moc (a take on the McDonald's classic) the Vacon Double Cheeseburger, or the Chickun Royale. There's also doner kebabs, southern fried chickun and Hot Dogs to feast on.