Fun Restaurants in Cardiff

From swinging chandeliers through to prosecco lounges, Cardiff isn't content with any old sit down meal. No, our quirky little city likes to put the fun back into eating out in Cardiff as venues not only offer top notch food but also entertainment, unique decor and a lively atmosphere. Read our list of fun restaurants in Cardiff and put the party back into your night out.

Mowgli Cardiff

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If you're looking to add a dash of fun to your dinner, check out what Mowgli has to offer. With its relaxes setting and menu of authentic Indian street food, this place will have you swooning over Goan fish curry, bunny chow and siganture tipples like the Masala Espresso Martini.


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Bringing a dash of Sicilian living to Cardiff, Ciliegino is one fun place to eat. With carefully sourced produce, fresh flavours and traditional techniques underpinning the menu, this place will have you scoffing fresh pizza slices and home-made pasta in style.

Vivo Latino

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Vivo Latino is spicing things up in Cardiff as they bring a fiery taste of South America to our city. The fun Cardiff restaurant is all about the Latin and sunshine interiors, and if you turn up on the right night, you might even catch their roaming magician hitting the tables to do his thing.

Steak of the Art

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It's not all about thick cuts of Welsh steak at this popular Cardiff restaurant, though that is a large part of it. Steak of the Art is a modern and diverse restaurant that toes the line between eatery and gallery, showcasing a variety of different artists' work at any one time.