Best Vegan Restaurants In Cardiff

While it used to be considered wacky, out-there and even a little weird, the world is finally getting used to veganism. Meat and dairy-free eaters are no longer regarded with suspicion as people are realising the benefits; the Welsh capital is one such place, with a whole host of eateries serving up plant-based options for your dining pleasure. Head to one of Cardiff's vegan restaurants for all kinds of deliciousness.

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Last updated on 21st December 2023

The Woodville, Cardiff

The Woodville is a popular boozer that flaunts a whole menu dedicated to plant-based munch. Kickstart your day with one of the best vegan breakfasts in Cardiff, including jackfruit crumpets and fully loaded quesadillas. Or if you fancy something a little heavier? Think pizzas, burgers and so much more.