New bar spy - DARK

Discover Your Dark Side At The New Dusty Knuckle Restaurant

Published . By Georgia Evans.



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Love a restaurant with a little mystique? The Dusty Knuckle team are here to fulfill that desire with their experimental concept restaurant, DARK. 

Having spearheaded one of the city’s most popular pop-up pizzerias, Dusty Knuckle have turned their gaze to the grill. DARK’s menu is focused on sustainable sourcing and features flatbreads, kebabs, pizza and small plates. Key dishes include lamb offal kebabs with pickled pinks, chicken curry doughnuts, and lamb shoulder with laverbread and pickled cockles.

If you love a good brunch menu, DARK are coming through with flat iron steak and eggs, smoked kippers, kimchi butter and pickles, along with dark shakshuka and flatbread.