New bar spy - The Bok Shop

Holy cluck - The Bok Shop is bringing delicious fried chicken and vegan dishes to Brighton

The Bok Shop

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Now Open

What they say:

The Hot as Cluck, The Satay Night Fever and The Believe I Can Thai are all on the menu at Brighton's latest cool hang out. Located on the edge of The Lanes, The Bok Shop is a new restaurant that specialises in fried chicken and vegan-friendly seitan dishes. Along with amazingly named burgers, the menu will include hot wings, homemade dips and delicious sides which includes the likes of homemade mash and hot chicken gravy.

What we say:

Taking over the spot that was once occupied by Cafe all'Angolo comes The Bok Shop, a trendy new all-day eatery. Open from breakfast and brunch all the way through to dinner, this new restaurant seems to be putting the fun into fried chicken with a fresh new venue and amazing dishes. As well as spicy wings, the joint serves burgers made from juicy thigh meat and vegan options, perfect for anyone wanting a quick and casual meal on the edge of The Lanes.