Senor Buddha - Restaurant Review

Tapas with an experimental twist? Senor Buddha was an “experiment in taste”, and has just opened its first tapas restaurant amid Brighton’s Preston Circus. A unique hot-spot which boasts a bold declaration on quality ingredients and flavour; and even more good news folks – these ‘plate fusions’ won’t give your wallet too much of a beating either.

The Venue

Think small, intimate dining with dim lighting and candles a-flickering. If you like you can even take a front seat at the bar, which is basically in the midst of all the kitchen action. The owner Lee is sure to be a good host, deviously topping up your tipple with every un-guarded blink, while the chefs will craft the food in its art form. It’s definitely a hidden gem amid Brighton’s well known Preston Road; not your average foodie street might I add and when you’re looking to locate – don’t worry it’s bound to stand out a mile amongst its old-fashioned, jealous looking neighbours.

senor buddha review brighton

Intimate and date night worthy, Senor Buddha is a charming and non-flash eatery.

The Food and Drink

So the food; the menu oozes authenticity and the dishes have been crafted by a very well traveled chef who has brought his food adventures straight to the plate. Food choices dazzled in both appearance and taste, and their impressionable crafting over the years is evident. We sampled most of the menu; however, the stand out dish for me was the King Scallops and Morcilla De Burgos with a cauliflower puree (£6.50) thanks to their rich twang and seafood flecks. Owner Lee Shipley clearly takes pride in sourcing speciality ingredients for both the food, and drink.

What about the other booze I hear you say? There were speciality spiced rums and hand-picked wines, to a vodka good enough to drink straight on the rocks. I kid you not, I sampled it first hand, and I’m sure that even burly Brighton students are unaware that vodka could taste this good.

If that’s not enough - how about a boozy dessert to finish? The Boho Gelatos definitely provided the icing on top of the cake. Like cocktails? Then the Mojito Sorbet could be your new best friend, (likely to replace Ben or Jerry – but that’s a choice you’re going to have to make on your own I’m afraid).

senor buddha review brighton

The red wine, slow cooked Octopus Tentacle is one of Senor Buddha's stand-out dishes.

The Atmosphere

The best way I can describe the atmosphere is, intimate dining, full stop. Be that, a candle-lit table by the window with your other half or a social natter and nibble with a group of your closest crew. This is the ideal hot-spot to grab a couple of tapas dishes, and with only four plates totalling up to around the £20 mark – this place gets top marks for ‘bang for your buck’. It’s clear the staff share a passion for facilitating an atmosphere that prompts story-telling and socialising. So put down your phone, oh and your notepad (if you’re like me), and emerge yourself in the great company and the fusion flavour palate on offer.

senor buddha review octopus brighton restaurant

Let these chefs be your guide, their experience is seemingly unparalleled.


With an exotic menu to rival most others; one minute we were indulging into octopus tentacle, paired with caviar and squid ink, the next oxtail spring rolls or mountain mutton stew – if that sounds like your kind of food party then I’d definitely pop your head round the door at Senor Buddha and make yourself known. These folks are a passionate bunch.