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New Mexican street food restaurant has a mural dedicated to Donald Trump


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What they say:

Halisco isn’t just bringing the street food over from Mexico, it’s bringing the sense of humour too. Sitting pride of place and greeting visitors to their restaurant is a mural dedicated to American president Donald Trump. The not-so-flattering painting by street artist Nick Burdett shows the toupee-in-chief peering over the wall he proposed to build on the Mexico border. Which is quite the pretty sight while you feast on their menu of tacos, enchiladas and more.

What we say:

Mexican street food with a sense of humour is what Halisco is all about. Mural aside, they’ve got some mean food offerings going on for anyone that likes a South American feast. There’s a big taco focus, with options like slow-cooked ox cheek and bone marrow mayo taco, as well as vegetarian options like refried beans and sautéed mushrooms with confit garlic tacos. For desserts they have homemade pallet cleanser strawberry sorbet and to wash it all down there is, of course, loads of tequila.