We sent our Vegan-in-Chief to VegFest Brighton


Vegetarians and vegans, unite! This is our heaven.

Along with nearly 10,000 other guests over its three day tenure, I paid VegFest Brighton 2017 a visit in the hope of filling my tummy (and heart) with as many plant-based goodies as I could manage. 

Taking place over three floors at the Brighton Centre, the festival served up a massive selection of veggie treats, spanning raw cheesecakes, sushi, seitan kebabs and amazingly, even 'vegan poached eggs'. And though you'd be forgiven for thinking this is just another food fest, you'd be wrong - alongside the food, VegFest also promises fashion stalls, beauty products and a heap of informative workshops and talks to get stuck into. If you're heading down to any of their future events, make sure to look around. On my trip I not only picked up a pair of my favourite bamboo socks and enough food to feed a small family of four for a week, I also came back with a bike-tyre belt and a lovely new purse made out of leaves. 

They clearly want to spread the good word about the benefits of the vegan lifestyle, without being preachy. Over the day there were plenty of opportunities to get further informed, including vegan cooking classes, discussions around veganism as a concept, and poignantly, a virtual reality headset experience to show life from the perspective of a farm animal.

After exploring all the different stalls and shows, I treated myself to a few a delicious mango ciders whilst enjoying the live bands and a vegan body-building competition to round off the day.

This is the life right here.

VegFest tour around the UK across various different locations, and returns to Brighton in March 2018. For more information, check out their website.