Gin Tub

The Gin Tub has no silver and copper lining the walls meaning customers won't be able to use their phones.

The Gin Tub in Brighton has had enough of our 21st-century bad manners and built a Faraday cage - the process of lining walls with foil and mesh - to stop its customers receiving phone signal.

But what are we going to do without the ability to Instagram our toilet selfie with #newfilter or to reply to our uni mates’ 150-messages-in-five-minutes Whatsapp group? How am I meant to google that hilarious dog playing the guitar video? Will we actually be forced to talk to one another about life and stuff?

The answer is a resounding yes. Owner Steve Tyler used silver and copper wire to line the walls to prevent phone signal, meaning you will have to go outside to check Facebook for the 535th time that day.

Fortunately you will be in a gin bar, so if the company ain't up to scratch you can just attempt to drink your way through the entire drinks menu.