Mash Tun celebrity deathboard

Who will be next? Guess the celeb who will die next at Mash Tun.

2016 will forever go down in history as a year of death and doom; we lost Bowie, we lost Wood and even Prince was not spared by ye gods on high. The history books will forever mark it as the year of crap-ness, so many greats lost and so many failures made successful; just when we thought it was the end, another icon would pop their clogs. Summing this year up in blackboard form is Mash Tun with the rather morbid celebrity deathboard; simply guess which celeb is meeting the Grim Reaper next.

Describing themselves sensitively as 'like a sweep stake' for celebrity deaths, Mash Tun ask patrons who they think will pop their clogs next. Write your guess and if you get it right the entire board is wiped and the fun starts all over again. Be quick though, you only have a few more weeks before 2016 ends...