People of Hove! May your hunger be ceased and your lunchtimes filled with all things al fresco - Brighton's Street Diner makes a triumphant comeback, this time gracing Hove's Town Hall with its gourmet presence every Wednesday afternoon. 

The popular pop up showcases the foodie delights of Brighton's established and emerging street food traders. Popping up in Hove Town Hall every Wedneday between 11am and 3pm, there is no doubt that Street Diner will once again tap into the growing demand for the unusual, the unique and the utterly gourmet. 

Look forward to chowing down on Gourmet Sussex Burgers from The Troll's Pantry, Vegan Middle Meze from Sultan's Delights, Venezualian Arepas from Tostan Tolan and Fish Subs from Olly The Chef. Rumour has it that Honeycomb Cakes will also be making an appearance, to showcase all sorts of homemade sweet treats. 

Street Diner launches on Wednesday 14th May 2014, and will open every Wednesday between 11am and 3pm at Hove Town Hall.