The ever fabulous FunFair club spreads it's ever boozy wings beyond the four walls of its King's Road party compound. Channeling its cocktail knowledge into a smaller, but no less mighty manifestation, and bottling both magic and wonder into transportable chunks, FunFair hits the road. Introducing:  the FunFair Travelling Pop Up Bar. 

FunFair pop up bar Brighton

FunFair's travelling pop up bar spreads the magic and wonder of the FunFair.

FunFair's charming and masterfully crafted bar will spread its wings across Brighton, hitting muddy fields, warehouses, barns and elaborate wedding venues to deliver a healthy smattering of FunFair to parties, festivals and events across the UK.

First stop is Brighton's Foodies Festival, a three day event that showcases all sorts of delicious. Tastebuds will be treated to tipples aplenty, with a hearty selection of refreshing cocktails available alongside booze infused candyfloss and adult milkshakes. It's safe to say that we're more than a little excited - look out for FunFair's travelling pop up bar: all the fun of the fair, and then some!