The Brighton Boozers Serving Freshly Poured Pints To Drink On The Beach

Published . By Isobel Watkins.

You’ve optimistically packed your swimming cossie, stuffed the hamper full of crisps and rolled out your finest rug. But there’s something missing... your lips feel dry and your tongue is beginning to tingle, you need a pint, and you need it fast. Sure, you could run to the nearest offie and grab yourself a four-pack, but there’s nothing quite like a freshly poured ale, frothy and cold. Luckily, these Brighton spots are serving up just that - takeaway beer for you to guzzle down on the beach. Summer 2020 may just be saved after all…


The Arch

Located right on Brighton’s picture-perfect seafront, The Arch is better known for its late-night underground antics than its alfresco offering. But with clubbing sadly still off the cards, these guys have pivoted their services, serving freshly poured pints to grab and go right on the beach. Blaring out music from their archway bar, the pints here are some of the cheapest you'll find, priced at just a fiver for two. Easy access booze that won't break the bank? It looks like your picnic game just went up a level. 

Sip on a freshly poured pint whilst taking advantage of Brighton's beautiful seafront.

UnBarred Brewery

Keen to get your lips around some of Brighton’s most popular craft sips? You’ll need to head to UnBarred Brewery on London Road. An independent business, these guys are all about the attention to detail, treating all stages of the craft with the utmost respect and care. The result? Their cans, kegs and bottles are some of the best on the South Coast. And while they temporarily shut their doors last month, their Elder Place hatch is now fully operational, dishing out 2-litre bottles of freshly poured beer every Wednesday to Sunday between midday and 6pm.

Promising service with a smile, UnBarred Brewery never disappoints.

The Pond

Another independent gem, The Pond is one of B-town’s most stylish boozers. Adorned with colourful murals and boasting a heated terrace out front, it’s a packed-out spot in the summer months. Locals need not despair though, this place has just launched its very own click and collect service, offering a seamless socially distanced alternative to your usual Friday night. Simply place your order online, and you’ll get a notification alerting you once your drinks have been poured. And while you’re at it? You might want to stock up on their oh-so-tasty Baby Baos. We’re not drooling, you are.

The perfect post-pint scran? The Pond's legendary Baby Bao - now available to takeaway.

Bison Beer

Located in the heart of Hove, Bison Beer’s bottle shop and bar boasts an impressive line-up of rotating craft brews, cask lines and local wines. Trading via their online outlet since the start of lockdown, the guys here have recently launched their very own weekend takeaway service. Shimmy on down to Church Road to stock up on ‘Bisolation Beer’, bottled up and ready for you to pour once you’ve grabbed a spot on the sand (or stones). And for those days when the thirst really hits? Treat yourself to one of their mega kegs, with brands such as Wylam, Burning Sky and Pressure Drop all on offer.

Golden nectar, just waiting to be poured.


Bringing quaint countryside vibes to the heart of buzzing Brighton, Village is a gold-standard boozer. Looking to lift up local food and drink vendors in the time they’re struggling, this watering hole has now launched its very own shop, selling everything from artisan bread to eggs and oat milk. Promising a serious upgrade from a trip to your local Tesco, this place will also be doling out freshly poured pints of cask ale - perfect for enjoying in one of Brighton’s lush green parks or seafront spots. And at £2.50 a pint? It would be rude to buy just one...


Your weekly food shop never did taste so good.

The Hope & Ruin

Handily located just a five-minute stroll away from the beach, The Hope & Ruin is another gem of a boozer. Keeping thirsty sun-worshippers topped up whilst raising money for the local hospitality industry, the staff here are selling £2 pints out of their hatch, with all profits going towards the #SaveOurVenues crowdfunder. All you need? Your ID, a container and your 2 quid. Open between 5pm and 7pm on Tuesdays and Fridays, it’s the perfect place for a socially distanced streetside pint.

Head to The Hope and Ruin's hatch for feel-good hops.

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