'Spiritual home of fish and chips' Palm Court Restaurant on Brighton Pier closes for renovation

Last updated . By Tom Capon.

Palm Court Restaurant under refurbishment in Brighton

Palm Court Restaurant is getting a sleek new redesign.

Being the ‘Spiritual Home of fish and chips’ is a pretty big ask in Britain, where people love fish and chips more than their own arteries. But this was the moniker handed Palm Court Restaurant by crazy food scientist Heston Blumenthal, and its served them well so far. But can the restaurant retain such a title after its recent refurbishment? My bets are on yes.

The site is as quintessentially British as you can get, sitting on the pier and giving unbeatable sea views, the adorably retro aesthetics will create a ping of nostalgia in any of your Nan’s hearts. But now they’re going for a more updated look, with cosy booths lining the walls, centred around a large modern island bar in the middle. Meanwhile, hanging lighting fixtures and big windows with views of the pier and sea will light the place. This might make for an even better backdrop to feast on their huge plates of fish and chips, ranging from their notorious ‘Big Fish!’ 12oz fillet of cod to their whole tail scampi. But if you fancy it, you can still head out to the pier and to enjoy the food – that is, if you’re particularly good at dodging seagulls.

Palm Court is set to re-open on Brighton Palace Pier in early March.