New bar spy - L'Atelier Du Vin Brighton

New Brighton Speakeasy Has A Selection of Over 600 Wines

L'Atelier Du Vin Brighton

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What they say:

Hidden from the public by a secret door, a sexy new cocktail bar is waiting to be discovered. L'Atelier Du Vin is a prohibition style bar opening to bring the 1920s to Brighton. Jazz music, quirky furniture, and low lighting set the ideal scene for an intimate date or even a break from this millennium. Dubbed "artist's studio of wine", the bar takes inspiration from the famous era to bring quality cocktails and wine to local connoisseurs and is your chance to escape from modernity for a sweet few hours.

What we say:

The food menu at L'Atelier Du Vin offers a selection of choices from charcuterie and cheese to locally sourced steaks. Becoming a regular has its perks; you can get a personalised steak knife reserved for your use only when you visit the bar. If that's not convincing enough to go, the two years spent perfecting the cocktails they serve should be. With over 600 wines and 300 spirits on hands, L'Atelier Du Vin's collection has been exquisitely curated by industry experts. Take a break from the 21st century in this Kensington Gardens retreat for comfort, conversation, and quality drinks.